fast – fast actuators, sensors & transceivers

Fast is a cluster-project in the context of the funding initiative „Zwanzig20 – Partnerschaft für Innovation“ of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research.
It aims to improve life quality with real-time ability. That means, in this context, that in the future electronic devices should work without any noticeable delays.
The Friedrich-Alexander-University participates in the Project “Fast-ASIC”. It deals with the developement of real-time capable integrated circuits that can be used
in as many overarching tasks as possible. There are four concrete tasks:

  • design of an analog-digital- and a digital-analog-converter
  • design of a layout-level modular construction system for sensor data conditioning
  • developement of a software tool that is capable of latency optimized layout generation for digital circuits

the following aspects are emphasized:

  • low power dissipation
  • real-time capable, i.e. extremly short, wake-up times from sleepmodes
  • real-time calibrating mechanisms that can work in the background “on the run”
  • adaptive adjustment of speed and power dissipation