In state of the art thin-film-transistors (TFTs), both source and drain electrodes are placed at the same side or interface of the semiconductor layer. Positioning the two contacts on opposite interfaces of the semiconductor in an Alternating Contact TFT (ACTFT) enables new degrees of freedom for device design, optimization, and operation. The ability to enable short channel lengths is explored for application in radio frequency (RF) circuitry in this project. Two research groups of FAU Erlangen Nuremberg being experts in device technology (Chair of Electron Devices) and RF circuits engineering (Institute of Electronics Engineering) join forces to cover the integrated development of ACTFTs towards basic RF building blocks and systems based on flexible metal oxide TFTs. Studies on device physics, RF behavior, and novel circuit concepts will open perspectives for the use of large area, thin, and bendable TFT technologies in future industrial, consumer, and wearable electronics.