Electronic Systems

The research group Electronic Systems investigates printed circuit board (PCB) based circuitry and electronic systems for frequencies from DC to 120 GHz. Besides microcontroller andd FPGA based digital circuits the focus is put on scientific work in the area of radio frequency and microwave systemsas well as elektronic components and systems for sense and control.

  • Communications
  • Radar and positioning
  • Wireless and wired sensor networks
  • SmartGrid and electronic components for modern enegry control and power engineering
  • Test and measurement
  • Modern components and materials
  • Reliable electronic systems for applications in harsh environments

Exemplary fields of applications are

  • Industrial applications
  • Atomotive technology
  • Medical engineering
  • Metrology
  • Antenna technology
  • Mobile Communications

Team CST, September 2018

Team RCOM, September 2018

Contact Person

Fabian LurzFabian Lurz