Medical Electronics

The research group Medical Electronics investigates applications of low power electronic circuits in health monitoring. The focus is put on wearable or implantable sensors suitable for daily/long-term use. Topics include

  • biosignal acquisition
  • implantable antennas
  • communication in body area networks and wide area networks
  • fall detection
  • localisation indoor and outdoor
  • geofencing

Measurement quantities are, for instance,

  • acceleration
  • electrocardiogram
  • electroencephalogram
  • electromyogram
  • lung and heart sounds
  • oxygen saturation

Typical applications are found in the care of elderly people (e.g. fall detection, localisation of patients with dementia) as well as in the monitoring of chronic diseases such as cardiac disorders (e.g. heart failure) and chronic lung diseases (e.g. COPD).

Gruppe MedEl im September 2018


Jens KirchnerJens Kirchner