Medical Electronics & Multiphysical Systems

The research work of the group Medical Electronics & Multiphysical Systems encompasses basic as well as applied research with a strong interdisciplinary focus. The main field of applications is in medical diagnostics and therapy, with topics including

  • Wearabel sensors for monitoring of chronic diseases
  • Bioimpedance measurement for use in tissue engineering
  • Communication in body area networks
  • Inductive transcutaneous energy transfer

Some of these fields of research as well as the additional topics

  • Molecular communication
  • Monitoring of mechanically stressed cables
  • Electron beam focusing for X-ray tubes

involve so-called multiphysical systems, which are subject to phenomena from different physical disciplines. In addition to electromagnetism, e.g., fluid mechanics, heat transfer and mechanical stress are used.

The methods to explore these systems and topics include

  • Circuit design including circuit simulation
  • FEM simulations
  • Signal analysis incl. machine learning
  • RF I-V measurements
  • HF measurements
  • Human studies

Finally, the ethical implications of using the systems and procedures under investigation are addressed.

Gruppe MedEl im September 2018


Jens KirchnerJens Kirchner