T-MEMS: Test of Micro-Electro-Mechanical-Systems

For security and safety reasons in the area of automotive engineering, in modern automated process technologies or even in everyday lifestyle products, modern MEMS sensors already support our cognitive capacities in many areas. Reaching mass market, fabrication technology of these sensors requires both complex processes for manufacturing/testing and competitive cost of production. Especially for high quality applications, functional tests are absolutely essential and a key issue in further cost reduction along the entire process chain.

In close collaboration with a global manufacturer, being at the forefront regarding MEMS sensor technologies, funded by “Bayerisches Staatsministerium”, innovative methods for testing and analyzing of processed structures are determined within this project at LTE labs. Besides simulating different kinds of multiphysical behavior of MEMS structures using state-of-the-art finite elements methods, both software and hardware modules are designed for demonstrational purpose.

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Alexander KölpinAlexander Kölpin