Test images for analog domain TMO

Additional image material for the publication “A Tone Mapping Algorithm Suited for Analog-Signal Real-Time Image Processing” in 12th International Conference on PhD Research in Microelectronics and Electronics (PRIME 2016) by Lan Shi et al.

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Original Data

Reinhard global TMO

Analog TMO

etower.hdr etower_hdr etower_withadaption
itower.hdr itower_hdr itower_withadaption
kueche.hdr kueche_hdr kueche_withadaption
sonnenuntergang.hdr sonnenuntergang_hdr sonnenuntergang_withadaption
studraum.hdr studraum_hdr studraum_withadaption
wiese.hdr wiese_hdr wiese_withadaption